Extractors provide a source of Genium, but cost energy to run.

Amount of GeniumEdit

Level 10 Genium Vein = 200/hr
Level 9 Genium Vein = 150/hr
Level 8 Genium Vein = 130/hr
Level 7 Genium Vein = 110/hr
Level 6 Genium Vein = 95/hr
Level 5 Genium Vein = 85/hr
Level 4 Genium Vein = 75/hr
Level 3 Genium Vein = 60/hr
Level 2 Genium Vein = 50/hr
Level 1 Genium Vein = 45/hr

Higher level extractors can be used on lower level veins, but will give less genium per hour.

These amounts are before taking the Trade Center into consideration.

Each level of the Geology Lab will unlock two extractors.

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